Relay cards with the correct running order must be turned in to the
clerk at time of check-in (during the 3000m/3200m Run).

All 200m Athletes MUST declare that they are running during the Racewalk
OR THEY WILL BE SCRATCHED.  We are trying to run full heats.  We are
over 120 in each the girls' and the boys' events.  The declaration will
take place near the finish line and heats will be drawn after that.

The running events order will be

55m/60m HH
55m/60m Dash
4 x 200m Relay
1600m/1 Mile Run
400m Dash
3000m Racewalk (non-juried)
800m Run
200m Dash
3000m/3200m Run
4 x 400m Relay

The DIAA has sanctioned the meet.  So, Delaware schools will be in
separate running heats.  Field events will be combined with open
athletes, separated by gender.  Any athlete who is not representing
their school SHOULD NOT register under the school name, should not wear
the school uniform, must pay an entry fee, and must complete a waiver,
co-signed by an adult.  They will participate in the open sections.

** After scratches, we will post heats and lane assignments on a table
near the finish line.  Athletes will grab their own hip number and put
it on their left hip.
** Please tell your athletes to discard their hip numbers after their
event in the trash cans.

** Events will be on a rolling schedule.
** There will be no concession stand.
** There are no awards.
** Running Events - Girls, then Boys - heats are slow to fast -
two-turned stagger on events 200m and longer
** We will use blocks for only the 55m Dash and the 55m Hurdles.
** 1/4" spikes for jumping and running events - throwing circles are wooden
** Our hurdles are square bottomed, not rocker type.
** Starting heights will be determined at the event
** Long Jump-Triple Jump - 4 jumps - athletes must be ready to go -
limited run-throughs
** Shot Put - girls and boys on separate circles at the same time

Jim Fischer
Director of Running Programs
Level III Endurance
University of Delaware
phone:     302-831-8846
cell:      302-530-4475
fax:     302-831-4058
email:    jfischer@udel.edu