Pierce Millrose Inteview

Deej: Hi Haley! It's Coach Deej. Thanks for agreeing to a text interview. Is this your first ever interview by text?

Haley: Hey! yes this is my first interview by text!

Deej:  Haha, great! so where are you right now?

Haley:  Haha, I'm on a train now heading to New York

Deej: Oh fun! And how many people are coming up to watch you race tonight? And does that help to have family and friends there?

Haley: There are probably about 40 of my friends and family coming to watch tonight! I'm so thankful to have so many people supporting me. And yes definitely! Its so amazing to have everyone cheering for me! All of their support means so much to me.

Deej: That's awesome! Congratulations on qualifying for this prestigious meet. Where did you qualify for Millrose and what was that race like?

Haley:  Thank you! I qualified at the armory at the Hispanic Games on January 8th. In order to qualify for Millrose I would have to place 1st or 2nd so that was what i was thinking during the race. There were a lot of fast girls, so I knew it was going to be close. I took the lead with 3 laps to go and I felt really good! I came in second and was so happy to have been given this amazing honor to run at the Millrose games

Deej:  Yeah I was just about to ask what Millrose meant to you. Was this a goal all season?

Haley: I'm so honored to be able to run in such a big race like Millrose. This was of course a huge goal, but its not the only goal for this season.

Deej: And do you have any particular goals for this evening?

Haley: I think my goal is to just run my best and take advantage of the opportunity to run against this competition.

Deej:  And do you know any of your competitors?

Haley: I know some of my competitors because I've raced against almost all of them in cross country.

Deej: Now Millrose is such a smaller track than you are used to. Were you able to practice on tighter turns at all to prepare for the race?

Haley: Yes. Yesterday I did some striders around our gym, kinda like the tight turns at Millrose.

Deej: Oh Perfect! Well I know you will do great.  And how many girls were invited into this race?

Haley: 10

Deej:  Will this be televised live and on what channel?

Haley: Yes it's on ESPN 2 at 8pm

Deej: Is this your first televised race?

Haley: Yes NXN was live, but it was on the internet, so yes!

Deej: And did you set your DVR before you left your house?

Haley: I just made sure my brother recorded it, haha.

Deej:  Haha great! Ok, one final question before you go. You are heading to Madison Square Garden. Can you name one famous New York Knick or New York Rangers player?

long pause.....

Deej:  did I stump you?

Haley:  Knicks- Amare Stoudemire. Rangers- Steve Avery. Thank you so much Mr. Deej haha.

Deej:  Ah, well done!  Well Good luck tonight! Do your best! We will be watching. Thanks for the chat.

Haley:  Thank you!! :)