Dendy Interview Indoor

Deej: Hey Marquis, thanks for the text interview. I'm just going to ask you a few questions for regarding your trip to Japan.

Marquis: Alright thanks!

  So where exactly are you heading?

Marquis: This week I am going to be heading to Osaka, Japan to compete in the Friendship Competition hosted by Japan. It's a meet between Japan, Germany, and the United States.

Is this an amateur meet or a pro meet?

Marquis: It is a high school level competition.

Deej: Great! That sounds good. Now did you qualify for this or were you invited? And if invited, when did you get the call to go?

Marquis: I was invited. I was one of the top 2 returning high school jumpers for long jump. I didn't even know about the meet until my athletic director told me during lunch. He gave me the USA Team Head Coach's number and I called him ASAP during gym, haha. I told him I was interested!

Deej: You got the call this week?

Marquis: No, roughly 3 weeks ago.

Deej: Oh wow! So have you had time to prepare for this meet?

Marquis: Kind of. I was going to train regularly and then rest knowing I have this big meet. I have been keeping my body healthy all week to do big things on Saturday

I am sure you will do great. Your adrenaline will kick in when you put the uniform on. So are you excited to head to Japan?  Who is traveling with you?

Marquis: I am very exited! My mom and dad are going with me, but I can't really be with them much because I have to be with the team.

Deej: I am sure being around Team USA will be a lot of fun, and it'll be great just knowing that your parents will be there to see you jump. When do you leave, and when is your competition?

Marquis: I leave February 1 and I compete next Saturday (Feb 5)

Deej:  And do you know any of your USA teammates? Do you keep in touch with any of them?

Marquis: I tried to add all of the top two high schoolers and ask if they made it. I only know one person and that is my partner for long jump (Jarret Samuels)

Deej: Haha, ok!  So what is your goal for this meet? Are you looking for a personal best?  Where did you jump your personal best for the long jump and what is your best jump so far for the indoor season?

Marquis: My best so far indoor is 24'. My goal is to get around 25 or high 24's.

Deej: You jumped that at the Armory right?

Marquis:  Yes it was there!

Deej: So with this meet coming up are you focusing on the long jump more this winter?

Marquis: I want to focus on both equally, but I do favor the triple jump more than the long.

Deej: That makes sense coming off spring 2010, but you are having a great season in the long jump so far. Ok, I will let you go in a second. I just have a few more questions for you.  You get to compete in the USA track and field uniform. What does it mean to you?

Marquis: I can speak for many USA members when I say that I feel a lot of pride when I wear the uniform. It feels really great to have it on!!

Yeah, well we are all proud of what you have accomplished so far!

Marquis: I appreciate that!

Deej: Can we get results off the IAAF website?

Marquis:  Yes, and I am pretty sure there will be a live feed.

Deej: Ok great!! We will be sure to follow you!

Marquis: Thank you!

Deej: One final question. So you are heading to Japan this week. Have you had a chance to eat at any Japanese restaurants in the last 3 weeks to get acclimated?

Marquis:  I have not, but I really like Sushi so I will have to try out a lot of food while over there!!

Deej:  Great idea!!! Haha. Well we will be sure to follow you next weekend Marquis!  Jump well !!!!

Marquis: Thank you!!